State-of-art Hot-reload for Blazor


Updates code instantly, no rebuild required


Preserves state, no need for navigation

Zero configuration

Just install and you are ready to go!

Without LiveSharp

  • Edit Razor or C# code and save file

  • Build project

  • Refresh page to trigger full application restart

  • (optional) Perform actions to see the updated component, like open modal window or switch tabs

  • Done!

10-60 seconds

With LiveSharp

  • Edit Razor or C# code and save file

  • Done!

1 second or less!


This is a standard Blazor sample application. The only modification I did was install a LiveSharp NuGet package.

It’s easy to see how much time and energy you can save every day with LiveSharp. What is even more important is that you don’t lose the flow state, which is very important for a frustration-free development session.

Try LiveSharp today!